batch_winter-16Vip Travel Co., Ltd. is a Korea based travel agency that provides our Korea travel customers with the best quality travel service.
Our main tour services are DMZ tour, Seoul city tour, Seoul palace tour, Korea traditional culture tours, etc.
Our aim is to serve the best to international VIP guests to Korea. We provide exceptional service with reasonable fares and attentive customer care.

1. Professional Team

Vip travel consists of a professional team. First of all, the best tour guide team conducts tour programs. Also the best operators understand the customers’ needs and answer them. Lastly drivers with more than 10-year-old experience take in charge of relaxing and comfortable tour.

2. Attractive Program

Vip travel develops attractive tour programs. Various tour programs are ongoing including DMZ tour that shows the pain of the divided country, tours that give experience of Korean traditional culture, World cultural heritage tour and tours for Suburbs of Seoul or countryside. Also exclusive tours for Vip Travel are being developed and conducted and Vip Travel is at the center of Korean representative performance tour and Korean wave tour.

3. Opened Communication

Vip travel is always open for the communication with customers. Counselling is available under 24 hour reservation system, and it is always ready for customers’ best tour. Vip travel serves you the best tour that you want as the Best Tour Planner.

4. Safety & Comfortable

Vip travel provides safe and comfortable tour. Safety training for employees is conducted twice a month and tour is conducted with the cars with the latest models which pass regular safety check. We conduct tour with exclusive guides and cars and we pay careful attention to the safety and comfortableness of tourists.

5. Respected Guest

Vip travel always respect customers. Customers’ proposals and suggestions are always accepted and we put constant effort to provide the best service. Vip travel considers customers as kings and we promise the best hospitality.